Painting Workshop Course Outline – With Instructor Nicholas nadja



1.     Brief Outline

The beginning course is designed to push each artist to reach their desired potential in art, and in their craft through fundamental skills. Each artist will come out with a better understanding of lighting, color theory, documentation of their work, and the principles of painting. This course is designed for both absolute beginners and intermediate painters.

A.   This course is set for 10 weeks

i.         10 Classes in Total

ii.       Each week at Thursday 6:30pm- 8:00pm

iii.      Artists encouraged to show up before class time to set up their paint area and palettes.

B.    Artists are expected to use their own materials (Paint/Brushes/Mediums/canvas)

i.         Easels Provided

2.     Interpreting Lighting Through Still Life

A.   These first few weeks we will be utilizing a still life set up to approach the ideas of lighting in paintings. We will briefly review other contemporary artists to inspire the direction of the lesson.

i.         The aim of these first few classes is to explore how we see an object and translate to painting. Imaginative and interpretive or realistic and photo esc.

3.     Exploring Photo References and Collaging with paintings

A.   Artists are encouraged to collect or take 5 photos the week before to utilize in the making of a painting. Either with combining elements of each photo or utilizing 2 different photos.

i.         The aim of this lesson is to loosen up and make a painting that will combine several elements, a very valuable tool and critical to painting.

4.     Getting into the details

A.   Artists will spend last 4 weeks working on a subject matter of their choice. Lessons will be crafted toward understanding their subject or style more in depth and exploring contemporary works in the same vain.

i.         The aim of these last weeks is to obtain a piece each artist will be proud with and be able to add to their portfolio. The object is to get to a finished painting at the end of the workshop that is more refined.


10 courses over 3 Months with Professional Artist Nicholas Nadja

$350 USD Total Price

Materials List

(Each student must bring their own)

- 3 or 4 of each small and medium sized brushes 

sizes 1 - 12 of filbert and rounds. 

A set of synthetic and hog hairs would be ideal. 

(Real sable is the best) 

Oils ( Stay away from labels with Lake, Madder, or Hue)

Burnt umber, burnt siena, yellow ochre, naples yellow deep, cadmium yellow medium, cad yellow light, alizarin crimson, cad red, ultramine blue, cerulean blue, ivory black, titanium white, lead white or flake white replacement. 


Turpenoid (Less stinky) or turpentine, Linseed oil, Liquin / Galkyd gel


Glass with back painted white, or Wood Palette / palette knifes (spear shaped and rounded tip ones), different sizes

Rags and small containers with a lid

Nicholas Nadja  



37 Library St
Mars Hill, NC 28754



37 Library St
Mars Hill, NC 28754
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